martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Letter to the USA

This is not my invention, I found it on the BE ELE O GE writted by the lovely @wera_supernova ( I tried to translate it thinking about the stupid racist laws in Arizona waiting to be adopted and that punitive immigration policy in the USA that extends to all those people coming from the south looking for better living conditions. Thanks.

Your Christ is Jewish
Your writing is Latin
Your numbers are Arabic
Your democracy is Greek
Your music gadget is Japanese
Your ball is from Korea
Your video game comes from Hong Kong
Your T shirt is from Thailand
Your soccer stars are Brazilian
Your watch is Swiss
Your pizza is Italian
Your drug is Colombian
Your oil is Mexican
Your language is from England and…
Your President is from Africa!
And are you the one who looks at the migrant worker as a fucking foreigner?

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